one on one of November 8, 2012

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night cup • round 1

This tournament lines up 16 skyscrapers illuminated at night to find out which skyscraper looks best at night! If there is a relevant video available, you'll find it in the info link.

Moscow State University

Moscow • Russia

Torre Agbar

Barcelona • Spain » info

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Armin.Hushi Moscow State University  
OldBoy137 Moscow State University  
mangazu Torre Agbar has an amazing night light  
Kanto University  
traveling dude MSU all the way!  
DZH22 Class > Crass  
guy4versa Torre Agbar look futuristic  
Donodöner @ThatOneGuy true words, my friend  
ThatOneGuy Moscow University is so incredible, day or night. The grandest building in the world.  
Thanial I don't exactly like Torre Agbar in the day, but you can't deny it really comes alive at night.  
v.o.r.t.e.x dildo  
Tchokan torre agbar  
kjnb Moscow State University  
vartal Moscow State University  
ArtZ MSU, looks awesome!  
jome_omt TORRE AGBAR should win this competition!  
Vanaheim MSU > Giant Dildo  
geaquinto the great dildo FTW!!  
Alexenergy BTW I like Agbar, but I'll go with MSU!  
Alexenergy MortisPL, 1+2=3, hahaha, bad joke....  
joky_pty MSU very nice////  
1+2=3 Isn't it a bit soon for yet another ugly cup?  
Galandar I like Agbar Tower a lot but MSU is also very classy especially at night. Hard desicion but... my vote goes to Moscow!  
MortisPL it should be named "ugly cup"  
PontayMontay MSU!  
kamranyeezy MSU ! Agbar is cool too ;)  
Evrasia 99911 MSU