one on one of November 12, 2012

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night cup • round 1

This tournament lines up 16 skyscrapers illuminated at night to find out which skyscraper looks best at night! If there is a relevant video available, you'll find it in the info link.

Chrysler Building

New York City • USA

International Finance Center

Hong Kong • China

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ThatOneGuy don't care about the lighting  
ThatOneGuy So many people voting for chrysler just becaue it's their favourite tower. hey don  
Kanto IFC  
guy4versa i dont know what to say...swfc is tottaly better then esb,how could it lose,please american...dont just easily vote your fav building,its already a disaster  
Eduardo L. Ramirez IFC is damn awesome! But Chrysler..even better!  
ThatOneGuy Blah Blah Blah, Chrysler is a legend. So what? IFC.  
kamranyeezy Chrysler Building  
1Filipe1 i really like the both buildings, but chryslers lighting is better  
Thanial Ridiculous once again! IFC gets my vote this time though!  
Róka Chrysler Building  
Armin.Hushi International Finance Center  
Coddington Difficult choice...  
OldBoy137 Chrysler Building  
Tchokan chrysler building I don't wanna vote any one of em out :( Chrysler Building New York City  
kjnb Chrysler Building  
L.A.F.2. Chrysler, absolutely stunning light display.  
hoschke118 please vote base on night criteria,not your fav skyscraper. The last two results have been ridiculous.  
guy4versa please vote base on night criteria,not your fav skyscraper.  
mCx2 nothing beats this iconic true blue art deco.not even the ESB.  
guy4versa ifc is amazing at night,from those photo we can see,which one is real beauty,and another one is photoshop editing  
archilover chrysler building is a legend but ifc at night is more impressive!  
deadhead262 The IFC isnt even that special in terms of lighting. Chrysler is a legend, what do you think?  
ArtZ IFC  
geaquinto "should be the final...!" 2  
Dimethyltryptamine Chrysler Building, for sure.  
ooh should be the final...!  
vartal Chrysler Building, само собой не Китай, который и так уже везде и всюду...