one on one of November 13, 2012

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night cup • round 1

This tournament lines up 16 skyscrapers illuminated at night to find out which skyscraper looks best at night! If there is a relevant video available, you'll find it in the info link.

Bank of China

Hong Kong • China

Burj al Arab

Dubai • UAE » info

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Kanto Burj Arab is a hideous garlic building but it has better lightning than BoCh  
the dogi Tough choice  
UDHL Burj  
ooh BOC for sure  
GFM 3D Bank of China  
L.A.F.2. I have to say BOC, but it was close.  
ThatOneGuy Both are nice, but I prefer Burj  
IngMarco gotta love stripes.  
Tchokan burj al arab  
Xtreminal Bank of China  
Armin.Hushi Bank of China  
vartal Уж лучше арабы, чем китайцы...Burj al Arab  
Chellinc Bank of china is amazing  
kjnb Bank of China  
archilover burj have a better colour scheme and more of china is great too but some of the led keep broke down  
Hudson11 im voting for the lighting not the skyscraper. burj.  
Bruce.Tenmile The Bank of China is definitely one of the best skyscrapers in Asia, if not the world, but its lighting isn't even the best in Hong Kong.  
deadhead262 Bank of China of course.  
v.o.r.t.e.x Bank of China  
Denjiro Burj!  
joky_pty Burj is awesome china ugly  
Mike____ Bank of China  
ArtZ BoC is classic, one of best skyscrapers in Asia  
kamranyeezy Burj al Arab