one on one of November 22, 2012

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night cup • quarter final

This tournament lines up 16 skyscrapers illuminated at night to find out which skyscraper looks best at night! If there is a relevant video available, you'll find it in the info link.

Bank of China

Hong Kong • China

Petronas Towers

Kuala Lumpur • Malaysia

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saeed zohani Petronas Towers  
OldBoy137 Bank of China  
ThatOneGuy Bank of China  
el_dreamer_ Petronas Towers  
the dogi Tough choice  
xvoidx I've voted for Bank of China because it has very interesting illuminations. I like those random zigzag lines on black surface very much. Though Petronas is great too. But such illumination looks quite ordinary for me.  
1Filipe1 bank of china  
Kanto Bank of China  
Danielbisogno Both are incredible, but I voted for Petronas because they are really impressive!  
Azrain98 PTT Win :D  
UjaiDidida ptt!!  
ooh BoC.. no question  
joky_pty petronas awesome from Panama  
Tchokan petronas towers  
traveling dude Petronas  
kjnb Bank of China  
ArtZ Petronas  
punkito petronas  
UpAndUp Hong Kong's nightscape is unrivaled  
jome_omt Petronas, no doubt. They're probably the most elegant illumination  
Babel_ambitions Preference: BoC during the day, Petronas at night.  
guy4versa petronas twin tower,  
archilover petronas for sure!it glow!  
L.A.F.2. Petronas.  
Xtreminal Bank of China  
GFM 3D Bank of China  
Keyone wow 44 vs. 44  
deadhead262 Bank of china.  
vartal Petronas Towers  
Evrasia 99911 Petronas Towers!  
kamranyeezy Petronas Towers!!!