one on one of November 29, 2012

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night cup • semi final

This tournament lines up 16 skyscrapers illuminated at night to find out which skyscraper looks best at night! If there is a relevant video available, you'll find it in the info link.

Flame Towers

Baku • Azerbaijan » info

City of Capitals

Moscow • Russia

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Brakhmaputra Flame Towers are awesome!!!  
rusalka Flame Towers have the best illumination in the world! New fantastic photo [link]  
Los Earth I'm going to vote for Flame Towers when it goes for Chrysler both are r'tarded  
Natig Flame Towers !  
Mircavid Flame Towers !  
taxa FLAME TOWERS !!!  
urban.girl I vote for Flame towers. City of Capital looks like regular skyscraper. There is nothing in it to be impressed.  
sabitova @Chidory, lol, с хохлами надо дружить. :D  
Chidory lol every khohols voted for flame towers  
sabitova City of Capitals are nice, but in the field of illumination Flame Towers are undoubtable winner of entire contest... The single I want is a honest competition.  
QuarterMileSidewalk Frankly, I think Naberezhnaya Tower C has the best nightlighting on this page!  
el_dreamer_ Flame Towers  
sabitova @ThatOneGuy, whose is this shame?  
Galandar Flame Towers FTW  
ThatOneGuy Shame that Flame Towers won over Moscow University.  
ThatOneGuy Flame Towers, I guess.  
manon flame towers baku  
Aida_Verdi Flame Towers  
Thanial Flame Towers without a doubt! City of Capitals are great but this is about the illumination not the building.  
vartal City of Capitals  
Daşlı Oğul Flame Towers  
Tchokan flame towers  
lenin.super Flame Towers in movement [link]  
Dimonn C O C  
L.A.F.2. Flame Towers.  
Kristian_KG C O C  
Imax33 FLAME....  
bakiliboy FLAME TOWERS  
bakiliboy FL  
KAZIM Baku My Life  
KAZIM The Flame Towers  
citi Flame  
hknsngr Good match!  
Evrasia 99911 OMG..... FT  
BaKuCiTy F L A M E . T O W E R S . B A K U  
samikoo FLAME  
saeed zohani Flame Towers  
Zucker baby Flame!  
korablev Dear jdjones, it was noticed when 5 votes for Capital city appears in a half-minute.  
jdjones I wonder if the same cheaters from the Flame's last round will also be here?  
Askerzadeh Flame Towers !!  
Xtreminal This is about illuminations but not building therefore Flame Towers  
jome_omt Capitals of course  
elichka Flames Tower!  
BENYA Flamezzzzzz!  
Ferahim Flame Tower  
korablev Flame Towers are specially created to shine!  
korablev Flame Towers are specially created to shine!  
kamranyeezy FLAMEZZZZ  
oompaloompa Flame towers !  
TaxiRide horror vs horror  
stpleco That said, Flame Towers easily dominates CoC.  
stpleco Both of these are the ones I didn't want to win the last round.  
joky_pty city se ve super la de azerbaiyan seve muy falsa  
Kanto Flame Towers  
ProdayuSlona The illumination is interesting on Flame Towers, but they are incerdibly tacky. The lighting on CoC is pretty original and I think it's rather cool.  
deadhead262 Again what is so spectacular about the COC? Flame towers are very unique, and fully illuminated,not just a few lights.  
weirdo Tacky vs classy. Moscow State and Central should've advanced though. It's much better than these two.