one on one of November 30, 2012

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night cup • semi final

This tournament lines up 16 skyscrapers illuminated at night to find out which skyscraper looks best at night! If there is a relevant video available, you'll find it in the info link.

Chrysler Building

New York City • USA

Petronas Towers

Kuala Lumpur • Malaysia

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archilover it is hard to find a good shot of chrysler at night with nice lighting scheme except only the crown images and the rest is just a normal lighting from windows while you can easily found a great shot of ptt at night,there are plenty of them!please vote based on the best illuminated building at night,not you fav skuyscraper,architecture style and era or whatso ever or else we only see the same building win on each competition  
archilover i dare people who vote chrysler to find top 3 best images of chrysler at night and the we compare them.  
logorithm I mean "It's LIKE two giant LIGHT bulbs..." ARRRRGGGGHHH!  
logorithm I mean "It's LIKE two giant bulbs..." :-p  
logorithm PTT of course. It's light two giant light bulbs, even during the day from the sun reflections!  
AUTOTHRILL Shame americans on the forum mean petronas will unfairly lose  
deadhead262 Plus the Chrysler building is a far better building than either of the towers.  
AUTOTHRILL Extremely hard decision. Had to go for PT.  
deadhead262 @guy4versa, im not saying Chrysler should win this tournament(which it will), but neither should the Petronas towers.There are towers which have been knocked out or didnt even get nominated that are better than both of these.  
guy4versa @deadhead, if judge by illumination..its not overrated,it deserves..why on earth every competition which nominated by chrysler..wins all,best crown(still accepted),best art deco(accepted),best skyscraper,best american building..  
guy4versa its not about hight or majesty..its about best illumination!  
rusalka Chrysler is tasteless... I don't understand what people find in the illumination of this one...  
Róka Chrysler Building  
PANDORI It's not only about about MAJESTY!  
PANDORI Chrysler Building  
Thanial Close but it's got to be Petronas for me this time round.  
1Filipe1 chrysler  
archilover petronas all the way!passing by last night and it was an epic  
OldBoy137 Chrysler Building  
Danielbisogno Petronas! They make Kuala Lumpur's skyline a very unique and beautiful one  
Azrain98 I voted Petronas Tower :D  
Tchokan chrysler building  
deadhead262 *are not  
deadhead262 @guy4versa, and you're telling me the Petronas towers are overated?  
Edil Arda 153 - 153 :)  
guy4versa what so special on chrysler lighting?..the glow effect is just photoshop...overated  
L.A.F.2. Love them both, but Chrysler's is one of a kind, so I went with Chrysler.  
stefano86 140 - 140. :)  
WilfBurnsFan Yessss! My casting vote just tipped it in favour of the CB (for the time being anyway).  
deadhead262 140-140. So close!  
Kanto Petronas towers  
kjnb Chrysler Building  
World 2 World Petronas FTW!!  
Euplio Petronas of course...  
jome_omt petronas!  
QuarterMileSidewalk @ UpAndUp: You also don't seem to understand the point of this contest. What makes you think you know why people are voting the way they are?  
QuarterMileSidewalk @ deadhead262: The contest is for "best" illumination, not "most" illumination. Apparently, most people prefer a more subtle scheme.  
Alexenergy Do you remember the final of Supertalls World Cup? ([link] Then I voted for Petronas, but Chrysler won that cup, but today will be Petronas day!!!  
guy4versa [link]  
guy4versa petronas like diamond at night,  
el_dreamer_ Petronas Towers  
saeed zohani Chrysler Building  
UpAndUp It's annoying how people don't seem to really be voting for best "illuminated" skyscraper but rather their favorite. The Chrysler does absolutely nothing unique in terms of lighting but has made it this far simply by being one of the favorite buildings on this site. The Petronas' lighting isn't unique either but I'd give it the edge.  
archilover easy one!petronas for sure.a whole building is glowing at night while chrysler only glow at the crown  
Martín Martínez petronas!  
master-chivas chrysler is awesome! one of my favorit buildings in the world!  
ThatOneGuy Funny how the most overrated buildings in the world are now against each other. Chrysler's is decent.  
C-DAC Old is Gold but Petronas is Diamond!!  
Mike____ Chrysler.  
ArtZ Petronas  
deadhead262 To be honest how are either of these considered the best illuminated skyscrapers? Towers with full and versatile illumination(Miami, flame towers,ect.) should be winning.  
deadhead262 Chrysler, even with that bad photo.  
hknsngr Good job Malaysia.  
kamranyeezy Petronas Towers  
vartal Chrysler Building  
xvoidx Petronas!