one on one of December 16, 2012

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night cup • finale

This tournament lines up 16 skyscrapers illuminated at night to find out which skyscraper looks best at night! If there is a relevant video available, you'll find it in the info link.

Flame Towers

Baku • Azerbaijan » info

Chrysler Building

New York City • USA

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Hardy8485 Flame Towers very beautiful...  
guy4versa anyone who vote for chrysler is fool by photoshop glowing image...  
el_dreamer_ Flame Towers.  
korablev Flame Towers are specially created to shine!  
ThatOneGuy How did Chrysler make it this far?  
drakon4ik wooow, of course Flame :)  
Galandar Guys, stop spamming here with add comments. It is not a right place for that!  
farid001 FLAME TOWERS  
farid001 FLAME TOWERS AREEEEE THE BEST!!!!!!!!!!  
nail888 5  
nail888 4  
nail888 3  
nail888 2  
nail888 1  
Unregistered 1  
khayal lets vote!  
khayal 3  
khayal 2  
khayal 1  
khayal I think its not good comparison  
khayal Flame Tower is the best  
Azrain98 stupid who choose chrysler  
Filipsis Flame !  
guy4versa flame baku all the way,too easy  
Tith01ny Easy Chrysler!  
urban.girl FLAMES!  
Orhan gasanov Flame towers are the best!!!  
sabitova Picturisque shot on Flame Towers [link]  
Dolphi Flame Towers!  
Nordrhein Flame Towers!!! voted from Germany  
Rufat Baki Azerbaijan  
Róka Chrysler Building  
chudo Braillard, as russians say, fisher can notice fisher from afar, or birds of a feather flock together :lol:  
zip95 flme towers  
L.A.F.2. #5, Fail.  
L.A.F.2. Sorry Chrysler, but Flame Towers beat you this time around.  
samurairegio flame towers lighting is dope  
Bosi Since this competition is about lighting my vote goes for flame towers. If it was a general competition I would have easily voted for chrysler...  
Leonardo M. Gaz Chrysler Building  
citi Baku . Only Baku  
Braillard Obviously ametu, FARO15ful, and Suleyman_lee is the same troll. How can it be fair when there is multiple accounts trolling!  
xafa23 Towers)))  
ametu you have to write posts not here, but to the other topics in the forum!  
FARO15ful Baku  
FARO15ful Azerbaijan Forever  
FARO15ful Azerbaijan!  
FARO15ful Azerbaijan - land of fire!!!  
FARO15ful Flame Towersssssssssssssssssssss  
ametu Go Go Baku!  
ametu Azerbaijan - land of fire!!!  
ametu Bakuuuuu!!!!!!!  
Suleyman_lee Azerbaijan!  
Suleyman_lee Baku I love YoU!  
Suleyman_lee Flame  
Suleyman_lee Flame Towers is the best  
Suleyman_lee Baku, Flame Towers!!! FOREVER  
ametu I vote for Baku!  
ametu >>>Flame Towers is the best!!  
Guardian_Nim Dunno which is worse.Flame towers suck and Chrysler's lighting is mediocre at best.  
anarek Flame Towers yekdir! Chrysler - davay do svidaniya!  
Sabina Baghirova Flame towers!!!!!!  
Shwed Chrysler  
KAZIM Flame Tower The best Illuminated Building in this tournament!!  
Galandar 3tmk, why idealizing yourself? Maybe it is just the opposite, who knows... ;)  
3tmk I have good taste so I voted Chrysler Building  
Natig Flame + Towers  
Only No doubts. Flame Towers beat any building here. So my vote goes definately to Flame Towers :)  
ArtZ Flame Towers!  
Galandar Stop cursing!!! Let's move on in a peaceful way  
Unregistered -_- eat dick, clown  
kamranyeezy -_- eat dick, clown  
sabitova CNB30, you are idiot by yourself!  
BaKuCiTy haters vote for CB but there is nothing special about illumination!!! @CNB30 the first idiot are u here!  
Galandar CNB30, have you washed your mouth today? I guess not  
CNB30 what idiots did not vote for the Chrysler  
Edil Arda Chrysler Building.  
archilover chrysler dont deserve to be here,ptt should be in finalist so i vote flame for this time.  
Danielbisogno Chrysler building's illumination is boring, this competition is about ILLUMINATION so, Flame Towers of course  
lenin.super GFM 3D, are you crasy? Design of Flame Towers is unique too. I've never seen such amazing shapes among all highrises.  
Azerbaijan Flame Towers  
lenin.super The lightning of Flame Towers emphasizes its shape.  
lenin.super Vanaheim is crap...  
GFM 3D Lights are the only thing that make Flame Towers special, even if it's a crappy design. I go with Chrysler, of course.  
Vanaheim Flame towers is crap [2]  
WilfBurnsFan For the lighting, Baku. This ain't about the architecture!  
izmirli_mert bakü süper  
bakiliboy Let's be honest here.. ILLUMINATION is best with Flame Towers  
BaKuCiTy F L A M E . T O W E R S . B A K U  
Kanto Flame towers, cause I've never seen better lighting than what they have  
Petr no competition, Chrysler  
TaxiRide Flame Towers are quite good just because there are no other high-rises, Chrysler is a huge icon!!  
Thanial Flame Towers deserve this cup! Chrysler is amazing of course, but at night it's got to be Baku :D  
Tural_Pasha Flame Towers! Bakuuuuuu  
samikoo Flame  
mammadov Flamezzzzz :)  
Abzal Flame Towers  
jome_omt Chrysler  
Turan. FT  
sabitova I invite you all guys to see this amazing video clip about Flame Towers and city life [link]  
taxa Flame Towers!  
Ferahim Flame Tower  
rusalka New FANtastic photo of Flame Towers [link]  
Sabina Baghirova Flame Towers!!!They are so amazing and magical!!!  
Redkey flame towers  
Askerzadeh Flame Towers !!!  
Braillard Flame towers is crap  
Xtreminal Flame Towers got better illumination  
Tchokan flame towers  
iberia Flame for Baku!  
hater Flame TowerZZZZZ  
makkillottu Respect for Chrysler, but Flame are innovative! :)  
Singidunum I vote for Flame Towers because it has a more original light. Chrysler Building light comes from it's amazing architectural features.  
Suburbanist In terms of night lighting, the Flame Towers look really nice, whereas the Chrysler Building lighting is not even the best in Manhattan.  
deadhead262 Hard one, but I will still stick with Chrysler.  
io_bg Chrysler.  
kamranyeezy glamez lol :D  
Evrasia 99911 Flame Towers!!!  
vartal Chrysler Building, of course!!!  
Alexenergy Flame, of course!  
kjnb Chrysler Building