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back to school cup • quarter final

Summer is over, which means back to school for some of you. This tournament lines up eight of the tallest university or college buildings in the world.

Moscow State University

Moscow • 240 meter • 1953 » info

University of Texas

Austin • 94 meter • 1937 » info

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NOMAD€ Lomonosov Moscow State University  +3
Davidinho I have voted for Moscow University. The building is not the most beautiful of the huge complex but indeed the most imposing one.  
vandylon summer? you have audience in 2-season countries as well!  +2
Voorish-Gdansk Lomonosov Uni, no doubt here.  +2
JAIME COSTA By the way: summer is over in only half of the planet. In the other half winter is over. How about thinking on a more planetary basis?  +1
Robi_damian This is onesided...  +5
ogonek Lomonosov Moscow State University  +2
vinttt Lomonosov Moscow State University  +3
vartal Lomonosov Moscow State University  +4
ThatOneGuy Moscow  +2
Seoul_Korea Don't want to come back to school!! That's unfair, go f**k!  
eo.rodriguez43 Precious buildings of former Soviet Union  +3
wkiehl101 Moscow  +4
Tchokan Lomonosov Moscow State University  +6
Sechou University of Texas  +1
prahovaploiesti Lomonosov Moscow State University  +2
FAVAustinTX I work at UT so I am biased.  +1