one on one of August 30, 2015

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back to school cup • quarter final

Summer is over, which means back to school for some of you. This tournament lines up eight of the tallest university or college buildings in the world.

Mode Gakuen Cocoon Tower

Tokyo • 204 meter • 2008 » info

Mode Gakuen Spiral Towers

Tokyo • 170 meter • 2008 » info

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andreschultz26 both are a landmark  
Tchokan Mode Gakuen Spiral Towers  +1
the dogi Tough choice.  
RegentHouse Apparently the editor doesn't realize there are other cities in Japan other than Tokyo.  +3
Brucey7 The spiral tower is marginally better, but both are absolutely hideous.  
Patrick Highrise dammm hard one to choose!!  +3
Vito Corleone Please change the city on the Spiral Tower to Nagoya.  +3
Braillard Both are gorgeous, and unique in their own way. I choose the Cocoon because it is this building, under construction in 2007 while I just moved to Tokyo, that ignited my skyscraper passion, and eventually made me join this forum.  +2
wkiehl101 Cocoon tower  
vartal Mode Gakuen Cocoon Tower  
NOMAD€ Mode Gakuen Cocoon Tower  +1
Edil Arda both are great.  
beaniepotato Tough one, as I love both, but I think I'll have to go for the Cocoon Tower. It almost "saved" Tokyo's (Shinjuku) skyline in my opinion, as before it was built, the place was simply way too boxy and boring. Nagoya already has/had a nice and diverse skyline, so it was plus, but not a necessity.  +5
prahovaploiesti Mode Gakuen Spiral Towers  
Davidinho I like the spiraled one. But among such kind of buildings my favorite is Evolution tower in Moscow International Business Center.  +3