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back to school cup • quarter final

Summer is over, which means back to school for some of you. This tournament lines up eight of the tallest university or college buildings in the world.

Cathedral of Learning

University of Pittsburgh • 163 meters • 1937 » info

Cathedral of Learning

Assumption University of Thailand • Bangkok • 159 meter • 2002 » info

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zaphod Not only is it more interesting architecture overall, the cathedral of learning is also kind of cool on the inside too. Not just interior decorations- but the functional spaces too. For example there are rooms dedicated to different countries and ethnic groups. [link]  
Tchokan Cathedral of Learning - University of Pittsburgh  
prahovaploiesti Cathedral of Learning  
prahovaploiesti Pittsburgh  
INFERNAL ELF Pittsburgh Catherdral of learning is an Amazing building. both on the inside and outside  
Kopacz It's on, the fight's beginning. One punch in and Pittsburgh is already winning. Bangkok's building is rather average from every other angle and has no details to its facade.  
desatento Pittsburgh's Cathedral of Learning.  
Lucas Correia Pitt!  
Sechou Assumption University of Thailand  
Gabriel900 Nothing can be the original ... University of Pittsburgh  
vartal Cathedral of Learning  +6
elculo obv