one on one of September 17, 2015

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back to school cup • finale

Summer is over, which means back to school for some of you. This tournament lines up eight of the tallest university or college buildings in the world.

Moscow State University

Moscow • 240 meter • 1953 » info

Cathedral of Learning

University of Pittsburgh • 163 meters • 1937 » info

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Tchokan Cathedral of Learning  
RaymondHood "I think Moscow State University looks better from a distance..." Yes, from about 20 miles (32.8 k.m.)  
SpiderBHZ Moscow, naturally!  +2
Xenoplas since I couldn't decide between those two I googled the interior - clearly a win for cathedral of learning  +1
Usman ali Moscow  +1
nothatso I think Moscow State University looks better from a distance, but the Cathedral of Learning looks better up close and inside.  +1
mattec Pitt is the better university  
DzhendoyanV M O S C O W  +4
vinttt Moscow State University  +4
kaku Both are simply awesome.  +2
dbhaskar MSU - truly iconic.  +3
vartal Moscow State University  +8
prahovaploiesti Cathedral of Learning  +2