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supertalls 2016 cup • quarter final

these are the eight tallest buildings which have been completed in 2016, all supertalls. which one is the best of 2016!

Vostok Tower

Moscow • 374 meter » info

Chongqing IFS

Chongqing • 316 meter » info

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prahovaploiesti Vostok Tower  
Sechou Chongqing IFS  
Redmadhatt3r Vostok Tower  
igor Vostok Tower  
LanGeo it looks like Lviv, brothers  
vartal Vostok Tower  +1
Seoul_Korea Chongqing  +1
farsrada moscow  +2
Davidinho Could you find an older image of Vostok Tower? It's a render of Federation Towers on a picture taken in 2012.  
RaymondHood Are there any plans to put Donald Trump's name on the Vostok Tower?  +3
Krosh Only if he will provide funding for the cancelled spire.  +4
010_zuid Look at the rules of the discussion...  
Rens Puts Zielige  
TheIllinoisan Fuck off shillary