one on one of January 18, 2017

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supertalls 2016 cup • semi final

these are the eight tallest buildings which have been completed in 2016, all supertalls. which one is the best of 2016!

Vostok Tower

Moscow • 374 meter » info


Bangkok • 314 meter » info

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JB-BoY MahaNakhon  
Chuckeh congratulations bangkok!  
surggame Mahanakorn  
ballom MahaNakhon. Or how to make a plain square tower loo much nicer  +2
nidza Восток!!!  
Amecurty Both great looking but only one is one of a kind  
Davidinho Vostok Tower. Additional 60 meters of pure elegance.  +1
tine123 MahaNakhon looks so awesom.  +1
Pansori No contest here. Maha Nakhon all the way.  +1
igor Vostok Tower  +2
Rens Puts All fools that vote for Mahnakhan.  +1
prahovaploiesti MahaNakhon  +2
arhimed2050 Bangkok Tower is very original building.  +4
Xivilization Nothing can impressed me more than the crazy pixelated Mahanakhon. I love Vostok too, but sorry for this time.  +1
CactusLord Vostok doesn't seem as impressive without the spire, so sorry moscow my vote goes to MahaNakhon  +3
vartal Vostok Tower  +9