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supertalls 2016 cup • finale

these are the eight tallest buildings which have been completed in 2016, all supertalls. which one is the best of 2016!

Guangzhou CTF Finance Centre

Guangzhou • 530 meter » info


Bangkok • 314 meter » info

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prahovaploiesti MahaNakhon  
goodybear Top of screen: You voted. Below that: 0 people voted  +1
Imperfect Ending What happened to the poll?  +3
andreschultz26 anarchy !  
PunnaWich Mahanakorn means "Metropolis" ^^  +1
Braillard Maha Nakhon!  
SpiderBHZ What happened to the building? Is it falling apart?  +1
Rens Puts Nice render!  
Skyline Art As much as the building on the right looks very different and intriguing, I really don't like the middle part looking like that. ;) I don't know. It probably will make this tower win the popular vote though. Hahaha