ferris wheel cup

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This tournament lines up eight of the most famous ferris wheels in the world. Time to find out which is we all like best!

final rounds

  London Eye (177)
  London Eye (146)
  London Eye (248)
  Tianjin Eye (88)
  Dubai Eye (92)
  Dubai Eye (146)
  High-Roller (129)
  Dubai Eye (147)
  Golden Reel (88)
  Big O (99)
  Golden Reel (138)


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Slartibartfas A ferris wheel cup without the oldest still operating ferris wheel? How loosy is that?  
3darchitect where is singapore flyer?  
tower_dan why is the Dubai proposed wheel in here but not the completed 120m Melbourne Star???  +1
010_zuid Agree, Dubai is overrated af.  
010_zuid And the Melbourne Star is imo the most beautiful Ferris Wheel in the world.