island cup

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This time we're looking at 16 small to medium sized islands which at one point have been built upon or urbanized.

final rounds

 Bourtange (69)
 Bourtange (174)
 Bled Island (134)

preliminary rounds


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indaco1 Waiting for a tournament for major island/archipelago cities, with Venice, Manhattan, Hong Kong island, Stockholm archipelago, maybe Singapore etc. The island has to be mostly urbanized or you have to add London because is on an island :-)  
Lovricico Santa Cruz del Islote (Colombia); and Mexicaltitan (México)?  
Braillard Excellent idea!  
soluço best cup so far  +1
metroranger I'd have thought it would have St Michaels Mount Cornwal vs St  
stwebm missing Venice !  
Jan Venice and other larger urban islands like Manhattan will be another cup. Hence the small to medium size in the subtitle. :)  +3
Yagura But Venice is a bit smaller than Malé XD. Anyway, a tournament about high-urbanized island? (with relatively large city in relatively small islands)