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Eight of the world most famous places where local never come. Which one is the WORST?

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Marsupalami Try quing for a ticket up table mountain in Cape Town - especially now that its one of the "7 natural ownders of the world"  
Edil Arda No Bosphorus or Hagia Sophia? Ok...  
Transamericapyramid I only visited non of them...  
Jan Gee I just realized I have visited all of these... Hahahahaha "Venice" Hahaha "any wax museum"  
Franzl "Eight of the world most famous places where local never come." VENICE??? 60.000 locals LIVE there! A whole city and one of the world's most unique places as a tourist trap? Ridiculous  +2
Xeni-2 Not ridiculous at all. ONLY 60.000 inhabitants in comparaison for how many millions tourist a year ? Don't you think people in Venice are busy seeing crowds of tourists coming by waves in giant ships destroying the landscape ?...  +1
3tmk Can't get worse than Times Square. People go just because other people go. Compared to other locations that at least offer something fun to do/see  
CactusLord I actually really enjoy TSQ, the lights, the hustle and the skyscrapers surrounding it give a very unique sensation. Buuut i talk as a tourist so idk  
Transamericapyramid People only go to Times Square because of the M&M's! :D