supertalls 2016 cup

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these are the eight tallest buildings which have been completed in 2016, all supertalls. which one is the best of 2016!

final rounds

 MahaNakhon (226)
 Vostok Tower (128)
3.  Vostok Tower (327)
6.  Chongqing IFS (63)
 MahaNakhon (257)
2.  Eton Place (93)
7.  MahaNakhon (257)


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Braillard MahaNakhon all the way  +1
erbse Incredibly boring and bland glassy towers. Totally exchangeable stuff.  +2
zZero Vostok Tower of Federation complex fo sho!  +1
diarag Vostok Tower, no doubt.  
darkie_one MahaNakhon, definitely!  +2
Svalsson MahaNakhon  
DrunknRussianBear I think final will be between Vostok and CTF  
wander-udi MahaNakhon  +2
VariousArtist Can't vote for most of the copetitors!?!?  
Davidinho Federation towers are stunning  
Khavrolev Vostok Tower  +4
droneriot There's even two choices that are not in China! Amazing!  +5
Blackhavvk ez for MahaNakhon  +2