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Eight of the world famous domes

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 Taj Mahal (91)
  Taj Mahal (197)
 Taj Mahal (146)


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arno-13 Paris is like "bitch please" : Invalides : [link] Panthéon : [link] Saint Augustin church : [link] and of course the Sacé coeur : [link]  +1
Sesto Elemento And the Invalides of Paris ?? Much better than Panthéon ! But is it even french Panthéon or italian one ? In Paris we have the Sacré Coeur too ! Really bad choice for this cup  +2
Tchokan And the Duomo by Brunelleschi?!  +4
Davidinho If you have United State Capitol in the list, you should've also had Isaac's Cathedral in St Petersburg, which is the prototype of the Capitol's dome. Isaac's Cathedral main dome rises 101.5 metres, while Capitol's Dome 88 meters. Isaac's Cathedral's Dome is also 28 years older.