supertall 2014 cup

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This tournament has a selection of 300+ meter tall projects that are scheduled to be completed in 2014. Are we able to predict a winner already?

final rounds


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onewtclover Go One World Trade Center!  
Funfy What happen' with "one on one 2013"???  +1
Jan That tournament is completed. Check the cup winners link in the menu.  +1
ThatOneGuy vv If Mercury Cit was labelled as complete in 2013 then abeno Harukas was definitely completed last year.  
Kimiwind1184 Where is Abeno Harukas???????  
alinko01 Where is Mercury city, Moscow?  +1
Alexenergy It has been completed in 2013  +1
Bolzeng WTC win. Close voting.  +1