parliament cup

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16 national houses of parliament, and 1 democratic tournament to vote which one is best of all

final rounds

 Capitol (83)
 Capitol (329)

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Davidinho My favorite is Maltese Parliament.  
HQ the bitish parliament was beat by orszaghaz as well a few round earlier  
RaymondHood Where is the Prbszekrszmaly People's Palace in Trkthaxionstan?  +1
alexss1987 where is British house of parliament? the most famous parliament building in the world and it's kept out?!  
Mr.Motzi Orszaghaz  +3
Sisimoto the HUN Moderators, we asking again to change the outdated picture of the Országház! Thank you in advance!  +6
courage the dog Moderators, please change the Orszaghaz's picture for the following round(s). It's just not fair to show it with scaffolds!!  +5
Junk Where is Binnenhof in the Netherlands?  +1
Sisimoto the HUN Vote for the building, which was built in a undemocratic era, but prepared for the freedom! BUDAPEST - Országház! :)  +3
Unregistered Budapest Országház(Parlament) needed to face London's Palace of Westminster and obviously later the Reichstag! :D Will put them to the test! ;) Vote people!  +4
L.A.F.2. I'm typically not a fan of older US architecture so much as European, but I must say the Capitol Building is stunning. Went there in 2012 and it was magnificent.  
ThatOneGuy I'd say Hungary's parliament building is one of the most beautiful structures in the history of mankind.  +12
dysan1 yeah forgot all of Africa did we? continent not exist for you?  +3
Edil Arda where is Turkish Grand National Assembly in this cup :ohno:  
Alexenergy Why is one one of the tournaments empty?  
BadgerCT To make space for South Africa's Union Buildings I hope!  +1