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You nominated 32 of the finest European football stadiums and arenas, now it's time find out which one we cheer for the most!

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pedrodepinto You can see the Braga Stadium in [link]  
ERVATUGA Sorry pedro but my video of Braga is better [link] :) greetings.  
Himmelwärts Vorwärts Braga, kämpfen und siegen!  
ERVATUGA Guter Slogan für einen Fußballverein, der selbstbetitelten Guerreiros do Minho (Kriegers Minho): [link] :)  
yabbes Meine Stimme für Braga  
ERVATUGA Sie haben guten geschmack mein freund :)  
arungx My final - Camp Nou vs St:James park, And the winner is St:James park  
Lovricico El Nuevo San Mamés podría entrar a este grupo en unos meses más.  
Miguel13 Sim é o mais bonito estádio espanhol  
Jasse James I think final will be Narodowy & Donbass  +2
Jasse James Maby Alianz&Braga)  +1
ERVATUGA Braga: [link]  +2
Sedacakes STAHP!  +2
Sedacakes You've already spammed the hell out of the braga/pge arena bracket with endless links because of your obsession with the braga stadium. You don't need to spam the hell out of the main page.  +3
Unregistered Chill out dude!!! This is an architecture forum and i only show links about the topic mentioned. Take it easy and eat a cake.  
ERVATUGA Comment by me :)  
ERVATUGA Braga in Dezeen: [link]  
ERVATUGA Braga in Youtube: [link]  
ERVATUGA Braga in Archdaily: [link]  
Miguel13 People, suggestion: See other pictures and not just that it is presented. There are qualifiers that have been very unfair. Because of poorly chosen photo presentation. See also photos of the interior and other angles  +6
Samsung TV Olimpic Stadium  
NalcaciGenclik Whre is TTArena, Istanbul?  
naruciakk PGE Arena strong :)  
tommolo where is Europe's most impressive stadium, San Siro? [link]  +2
Pantazi Right here, alive and kicking thus far: [link]  
Anthonyt Stadio Giuseppe Meazza is San Siro in Milan  +1
scukaf Where is Maksimir??? :P (joke of course)  
Kobo No Anfield or Stade Luigi Ferraris? :-(  +2
GANIN National Arena !  +1
ThatOneGuy @ ERVATUGA Agreed, it's a masterpiece of design and engineering!  +1
ERVATUGA Cheers :)  
ERVATUGA The only football stadium that stands out is Braga. Just beautiful.  +7
jdjones Millennium Stadium?  +1
Gary112 I agree, Stadium of Debrecen should be here!!!  +2
szaasz Nagyerdei Stadion- Debrecen....:)  +2
Leedsrule annoyed at the amount of ugly stadiums that made it through to this stage and the amount of beautiful stadiums which werent included but hopefully one of the underdogs will win ;)  
Ivanator WEM-BER-LY! WEM-BER-LEY!  +1
Tony E Architecture Wembley and Emirates should be in the Final. They are the Best.  
honved you drink too much  +4
Tony E Architecture Not true Honved.  
3tmk Looking forward to this, I will have a lot of tough choices to make  +1