2014 cup

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2014 was a darn good year for skyscraper construction, so we lined up 32 of the tallest and most popular ones that were completed last year to find out which one is best!

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Brucey7 1 WTC will win because of its symbolism and meaning - not on its (lacking) architectural merit.  
munchymunch though*  
munchymunch 1 WTC is soooo ugly tough  +1
IsraellyCoool what are you, a commie?  
munchymunch lol no. haha  
BelgiumKanarie my prediction of the final: 1WTC vs. 122. Leadenhall Street and 1WTC will win  
HRP4Life You're EXACTLY right :D  
HRP4Life 1WTC is most likely going to win, based on all the hype it got :P  +1
gwiATLeman Overall, 2014 seems to have been a very weak year architecturally. Very few standouts  +1