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This tournament lines up 8 dedicated clock towers and 8 skyscrapers with clocks on top of them, in order to compete for the clock cup.

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QN Всё-таки Спасская башня лучше, да и часы там древнее: [link]  
MettP And where is Prague astronomical clock? Unbelievable that you left it out...  
IsraellyCoool How does Ben not win...  
archilover sultan abdul samad building should be on the list instead of Deira Clock Tower  
Maartenflip what about the Klokgebouw of Philips Eindhoven?  
Edil Arda İzmir's clock tower should be here...  
DZH22 Boston's Custom House didn't make the bracket? Garbage cup then, I'd put it over everything except Big Ben.  
IsraellyCoool O  
IsraellyCoool I'm from Boston, and that's a huge stretch...  +2
DZH22 It should have been matched up vs Philadelphia's City Hall. The clock itself on the Custom House is way nicer, but the full building is kind of a push. Would have been a great first rounder, minus all the political bs.  
HRP4Life Abraj Al Bait will win no doubt :P  
KillerZavatar Although it should win, since it is the best engineered and most impressive buildings, as well its 4 clock faces. I think it might not even survive one round, it is hated around this forum for some reason. hope i can be proven wrong, but i am certain it loses against big ben if not earlier.  
HRP4Life Well, then Big Ben is the 1WTC of this cup :P