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titleLos barrios, Caracas
locationCaracas, Venezuela
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 3.43, total votes: 844
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Sheridan Slums! Yes.  
Aztecgoddess 5/5 So bold & dramatic, right on your face....I like it.  
cesarSILVA Hugo CHAUWIN, César SILVA authors developed this image as a reflection on the identity of the city, after a little while we imagined a grand urban fresco where the name “Caracas” could be read, a strong and affirmative symbol that includes the barrios as part of the city; because of its million of inhabitants and because in spite of the social and isolation problems, they constitute the most characteristic element in the urban landscape of Caracas more info on the blog [link]  
YEN JCC excellent...!!!!!  
antriksh_sfo Scam to defame CARACAS  
Anak-tij Saludos de Tijuana a CARACAS  
CEC2K8 Creo que la pobreza es un mal que si no se resuelve, de nada sirve exhibirlo... En que ayudamos con ese banner... NADA... (Va para toda Latinoamrica) 2/5... CARACAS ES IMPRESIONANTE  
JosueD Esta es la Venezuela de Chvez. DOnde se distribuye equitativamente la miseria  
Dannistelrooy Muy creativo, me gust.  
Caguacao I like CARACAS painted houses. It is pure reality. Pintras Inmagine each house a different color you would find too good  
dres2k like it!!!  
meghnarmajhi Simply beautiful 5/5  
vrbanquells I really liked it, very creative  
Guito_157 The ugly face of fierce but exciting Caracas  
gaszciber esa foto expresa el lado exotico de una realidad global, sin embargo la foto es de calidad.  
esnot_x Cuanta concentracion de casas...  
kruel XXX NO ME GUSTO.  
Oscarz 5/5  
Aiacos A slum as a banner xDDD, I liked it! 4/5  
sasa_taisa 3rd world slums. way to go!  
#obert I really love it 5/5  
jose edo maloooooooooooooooooooooooooo!!!  
Alvarobap Yes! is real and not photoshoped  
SouthmoreAvenue cool.....  
SOLOMON the real CARACAS  +1
chosebus excellent!!!...  
ir desi Very expressive. 5/5. There are massive social issues with the subject depicted, but I must ask the 1/5 people, are those what this banner is really about?  
Alvarobap Yes! is real and not photoshoped  
bOgOtAinLoVE el mejor banner que he visto en esta web  
Zigoto Caracas is a shit, like all Venezuela  +1
Viciouster very creative!  
..polkator.. 5/5 weird banner but i like it  
HOLABETO buenisimo! 5/5  
rcalmeida 4/5  
Sivarman Love it! They show the real Caracas!  
AMBAnauta Es la parte realidad latinoamericana... 5/5  
[email protected]! Espectacular! una muestra de la realidad de nuestro pais 5/5  
mopc it think its disgusting. Slums are always disgusting, completely lacking harmony  
cibula im impressed :o  
estravagario muy bueno  
elguaroantonio que pateico argumento el de algunos queriendo hacer la vista gorda  
Rago very bold image to post in this forum. 4/5  
aleCUK excelente, muestra la realidad que muchas ciudades latinoamericanas esconden detras de semi rascacielos forrados en vidrios y espejos  
Karolina. eh....o_o  
l0nd0n Muy rudo, es la realidad pero buen banner es!!  
TUGULUIS Qu es eso Dios santo!! jaja, pero como dicen arriba, sabemos que Caracas tiene un skyline bastante respetable...  
mkd buenisimo, pero lastima las condiciones una cruda verdad  
Frida Amazing!  
Juank Cucuta mmm se de los barrios, si es verdad k dicen caracas?  
Peter the [email protected] Awesome!!! painfuly realistic :)  
etc Muestra un lado de humilde y honesto. Que ciudad latinoamericana no tiene algo o mucho que ocultar?  
tj_alan90alan luxury :P  
juan.roger Este banner muestra una realidad de nuestro pas que quisieramos no existiera, sin embargo tiene un tremendo impacto visual y para mi sorpresa la imagen me resulto muy interesante, atrevida, ingeniosa y debo confesar hasta me parecio agradable.  
JoSh_86 Arriesgado, Impactante, Original, me encanta!  
[email protected] :S Really disgusting  
christos-greece Colorful and nice  
diMonteiro VIVA CHAVEZ  
juanlds So bad, Caracas is much better.  
jooxel neta me gusto.. i (L) caracas  
eomer bof  
Palomo_Yuc parecen las favelas de brasil jajajajaja 1/5  
Arqui Segura Venezuelan Hollywood LoL! el letrero es real? aun asi es muy interesante el banner 5/5  
visconde original. looks like brasil  
Rocker9 les quedo muy interesante, muy bien, pero podria ser algun otro barrio de latinoamerica  
Stockwell It looks really good! (: i know venezuela is beautiful  
aleko GREAT!!!  
PHXFrank I dont know what to think about it, so its 3/5  
Mik3 5/5 solo por la originalidad del banner  
snikers goood very fresh ;]  
Occit Cool!!!  
GranGuayaquil 5 stars! You must be really brave to face reality and show that kind of banner  
joluve Felicitaciones, esto es tener huevos cesarSILVA  
Johson 1/5  
Z do DF different and creative. 4/5  
SureThing_II this one is nice :o) 4/5  
warden987 it is slums, but I will give it a 3  
pegu bravo! welcome to the real world!  
Pablo323 Amazing Idea.  
juankcol That is the real caracas , the real Venezuela. Just poor people.  
mecanico242 creo que caracas tiene mejores cosas que mostrar, me abstengo de votar  
Kaique Could it be Salvador, BR, Rio de Janeiro, BR, Lima...  
jepama muyyy buenooo, que muestren los barrios y no siempre tiene que ser un skyline!  
yosoyelrey Its original, but Caracas is more than this...  
chinarulez looks like favellas to me... 1/5  
LAA_CCS Our "inconvenient truth" but you can see it anywhere in CCS  
killerv Dumpsters Blah!  
Kejz fox ????? :)  
AuriRojo terrible!!!!! como van a montar esos ranchos?!!!! es la peor toma de Caracas que se puede hacer!!.  
Espasa Excelente uno de los ms interesantes que he visto de alguna ciudad.  
AuriRojo terrible!!!!! como van a montar esos ranchos?!!!! es la peor toma de Caracas que se puede hacer!!.  
Thalassa You have to take the good with the bad I guess...  
Job Dee i really like it..  
luclasaw Very original!  
Senra WTF!!  
FAVAustinTX Reminds me the one from the Phillipines, beauty is everywhere even in the unexpected places.  
Joas Eu acredito cabalmente que os moradores dessa favela so to honestos quanto os moradores das encostas de Monte Carlo.  
ggl very original 5/5  
01player those are infra-human conditions for living with some pretty paint thrown on the faade. self-contained worlds of lawlessness and unhappiness. slums containing millions of people.  
GBgreat Increible banner, muy original y adems hermoso, saludos a toda Venezuela  
eloyaugustobc I give this banner a 5/5 because im proud of my roots, I was born in ccs, but I hate to see what has became the city. Its a cruel picture of a cruelest social reality. Caracas is one of the most beautiful cities in the world, with an awesome natural scenario and an excelent weather but the politics and the burocracy has made of this city a place of big contrast and hard to live in...  
ankushgupta very ugly  
Raymondzhydra Very creative, I like it! 5/5  
roberto_vp Buensimo, real y honesto, los felicito por la valenta.  
jackass94 OMFG!) amazing, 55  
RonnieR But I hope to see another banner of Caracas with those tall towers....  
MasonicStage? pretty cool.  
Dao I love it! It is so lively and colorful, I know Venezuela has 60+ stories skyscrapers so it is so refreshing to see this side that other peoples would just push under the rug! 5.0  
Leonesmd Jᡡ Buenisimo, al final es la realidad de la ciudad, y pensar que el que pintaron con el logo de Maggi capaz y fue la inspiracin de esto jeje. Another one with maggies logo: [link]  
//MUSTANG// Very Latinamerican; very honest. Architecture is not only about skyscrappers.  
Tith01ny Wow thats a really cool image, original  
Tith01ny Wow thats s really cool image, original  
Aan is it real? 3/5  
Railfan Esta es una imagen que realmente refleja caracas, aunque no nos guste...  
ElCrioyo is not really slums, is more like informal housing in the hillsides..this is common in Latin American, but its different to slums in the fact that this settlements receive more services than slums do.  
ElCrioyo AMAZING! it took me a while to notice the "CARACAS" in the the houses  
stencil Really colourfull!  
Dugommier Recargu la pagina y me repitio el mensaje. Disculpas  
Dugommier Un banner real de Venezuela. Solo tenemos 4 rascacielos.  
Paneco ew?  
Dugommier Un banner real de Venezuela. Solo tenemos 4 rascacielos.  
Marc05 Its impressive but I doubt its real....Im not talking about the slums xD  
Carlosx pero a la final da pena, que arquitectura y q modernidad =(  
Carlosx 4/5 por ser original muestra lo bonito de la miseria capitalina xD.  
mjbu Horrible!!!!  
[email protected] ORIGINAL 5/5  
mopc its disgusting to exploit poverty like this  
Rodrigo_ muy original!  
nachop666 5/5 fantastico Caracas! saludos desde Argentina  
Andr Very original! Loved it! 5/5  
juanpisa original y llamativo, pero no para destacarlo asi en un banner  
corner63 Poverty in a banner. At least, is realistic.  
Gordon2 Es un desastre  
RonnieR Looks like some parts of Baguio City, Philippines :)  
santiaguin I like it 3/5  
mirai great beatifull!!  
anno_malay is it real?  
Brizer unusual but extraordinary image  
Brizer unusual but extraordinary image  
igor_carlos 4/5  
osote I like it. me gusta  
Andrew24 Como arquitecto le doy un 10, como caraqueo avergonzado de ver esto le pongo un 1.  
Domy fantastic.. 5/5  
Rbs I love it, something different!  
Zollverein Loved 5/5!!!  
VTS1600 nice place to live...  
sharky_88 slums ?  
vagamundo. i can imagine all this houses full finish and painted must be great, like this is nice anyway  
Buddy Holly disgusting. 0/5  
Phill lol  
Lrk At first i thought it was containers....very original, whether fake or not. 5/5  
[email protected] creative  
JSala Good... but not that good..  
Reiser is it real?  
Victor18 very colorfull and lively :)