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titleDay of the German Banner
infoDay of the German Banner. Commemorating 19th of March 2012. Never forget!
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DanielFA Dieses ist nicht geil, es ist doch Scheiße!!! :(  
SDriver Day of the worst banner.  
L.A.F.2. The kids at the bottom right are icing on the cake. LOL!  
Nicisyyo 5 from Serbia :)  
EricTheodoreCartman who is doing this piece of crap? this is not german sense of humour. this is made by an idiot!  
Ress Oh mein Gott, Scheisse wieder und wieder  
Cbr Domes 0 from Portugal  
skamander don't get it... however, German sense of humour has always been a mystery to me.  
buoyage_system Rezpect!  
stewie1980 What a piece of Scheiße!  +1
potiz81 Trash as it gets...0 from Greece.  
mariusCT shiver me timbers!  
great india What the...?  
A380B747A340B777 Greetings from Mexico  
building demolisher pretty funny!! LOL at [email protected] ... 5/5 from Mexico  
Vlad89 En un principio pensé que habían hackeado la pagina de SSC, pero tristemente veo que no es así  
Danielbisogno Boring, -10000000/5 :)  
goschio Germans never change! All nazis.  
Tourniquet Boring banner... call the American! :)  
goschio Typical nazi banner!  
chibetogdl i thought it was a comertial banner, i got scared, but yeah, call the germans, one of the best countries in this planet  
kamilo oh what would we do without the germans?  
L.A.F.2. Superb. 5/5.  
jose l. this is sucks  
Occit Why Germans can do this kind of banners legally and the rest of the world can not??  
JhonyPalencia very bad  
ferchulin most stupid banner I've ever seen!  
StuckInASuburb why?  
Avemano At last, N-day is over.  
churro357 5/5  
Denjiro O.o 1/5  
bikedude1994 BAHAHA  
Bauer-Ewald 5/5 haha, they just don't get it... 1/5  
Juicy360 Breslau Airport?! Maybe after WWII!, now it's a good piece of architecture.  
Prew seems like trolololo... aber... nein! auf wiedersehen herr Flick!  
PanRafał 1/5 from Wroclaw to nazi germany with love.  
must645 I dont get it  
maniacoargento Didn't get it  
Ifig Los mayas tenían razon! Este banner es un desperdicio.... 1/5  
corredor06 Germans= awesome  
passat1717 5 from Croatia :)  
Unregistered 1/5 from Wilno and Lwow  
mind gass absolutely brilliant! in the face for those chauvinists poles who can't stop talking about Wilno and Lwow!:)  
Kato really ugly!  
Batista12 5/5, nice banner.  
KruEv so much butthurt, LOL. 5/5  
erbse gerwaz (and all the others) - go and broaden your horizon :) [link]  
Reba German sense of humour...1/5  
gerwaz WTF Breslau (Wrocław) doing here?  
Guajiro1 ...  
zbrodniarz What a mess? Previuos German banners where by far better...  
seba90 This is the most boring German joke I've ever seen 1/5 :)  
dj817 Ehhh..This is Breslau Airport: [link]  
megacity30 what a sorry banner! :( 1/5  
0scart don't get the banner. not funny.  
ampicilin what is this?  
pichuneke Typical German humour -> Stop your suicide impulses!  
cristianoff9 wtf??  
Peregrin Tuk D:  
vet 1/5 Three words: what the hell?  
Ondas))) Me, -1 / 5  
Olesch What did we Germans do to deserve such a horrendous banner?  
Ondas))) Germany 5/5  
erbse Aleochi: Thanks for approving what I just said! Continue! :)  
Bauer-Ewald besser als Berlusconi!  
xrondead WTF ?  
josedc wth???  
D29-108 0/5 No more banner from germany !  
lor15 1 :D  
aleochi @erbse: a ridiculous banner deserves ridiculous comments.We all know that Germany is a great country, the problem is on some ridiculous sense of humor (?) from users from the Germany's SSC.  
AuriRojo "wtf" forever  
kbh94 Nevím, co na to říct?  
Melchior Goldast Alejandro Ortiz go suck $$$$ kid.  
Albinfo get a supergeil pixel :D 5 from kosovo  
amado un desastre de banner, isn't a German standard.  
DOKart Tejk dis baner tu de chasiok  
siamu maharaj NAZI!  
shinzen 5/5  
Kaufmann Here are the results of polish televoting GERMANY 12points! :D [link]  
clarionl fora nazis!  
Joyrider A little bit confused seing that rubbish...  
Alejandro Ortiz Let me guess: another failed German attempt to show they do have a sense of humor after all ? Well.. they've made some progress after all, I must admit. At least this time it's not the typical "hey haha, we're Germans. Our penises are bigger that anyone else's haha. Please laugh. Thank you"  
TaxiRide 1/5  
Franz SP 5/5 :)  
mihir1310 I guess it was the German's intention to score a 1/5 for this? I wont dissapoint.  
montesky 1! Really exciting ;)  
marek2626 This is Breslau Airport: [link]  
Deadeye Reloaded 10/10 Germans are the A-Team of Banner-pimpin'!  
panchogutz pancho villa in a banner!!!!  
comrade7 5/5 from Poland :)  
Joelre 1 ;)  
Trupman zomg, terrible German humour. 5/5 for the lulz  
Rafael Cevidanes This is just ridiculous  
pozy Greets from Breslau/Wroclaw:). 5/5  
ja.centy @Dzwonsson ...and no Holy Empire of German Nation either. sad day indeed :-(  
Andrezito What kind of humor is this? It's a little embarrassing ...  
GreGorian* dumb banner - 5/5... Breaslau really?  
Dzwonsson No Hitler? I'm disappointed. I love the Breslau Airport though, can't wait to see all those Polang strong comments. LOL  
Sr.Smih i don't get it. but 5 from brazil.  
Haveblue zip  
alberto.pd 1  
Kopacz Breslau ? Damn, they're still trying after over 70 years ? :D  
lffıs 5/5 from the Netherlands. Excellent banner as always. Apparently the rest of the world has no humor.  
rusalka @erbse, are those guys in the rhight down angle are banned users? I support your idea. It's fine. I thought that many moderators here overuses by theirs statuses. I would namet banner "be banned unfair moderators"!  
FloripaNation Racist banner.  
Ruy messed up, as anything german. 0/5  
Labi206 serbian banners are still worse than this.  
vectom Call the Albanians and tell them it's Serbian banner  
Dr_Cosmo Irresistibly German !  
vectom 1  
Isek @ Osmoza. relax. i ll meet 2 of my friends of polish ancestry today for a last molt vine this year. both of them well germanzied.  
KillerZavatar sad day to be german  
Melchior Goldast Osmoza get a life you sad person.  
indefinite this had to be a joke or something in a like manner?? Seid ihr verrueckt oder ...?))  
Geborgenheit 5 Sterne :)  
RegioManio It's crazy, but funny too... My first reaction was oh, skyscrapercity has been hacked!  
cis indische oh, my eyes..  
Rokugatsu Lol, Osmoza, chill out, it's just a joke. It's you who have some complex if you get offended by something like that :D  
Osmoza Germans, you're so pathetic, especially with your "Wrocław Airport" complex. Give all your Marshall's help back to US, so you can feel like Eastern Europe. Without money you'd still be... you know what. Is is true that lands of former NRD depopulate? Soon someone will cry for polish and turkish help :):):)  
erbse sabitova: GERMAN USERS got BANNED for voting 1/10 for the Wroclaw Airport Terminal. Thus a nice Retourkutsche with this banner, too :)  
joluve Thumbs up, Keep the tradition going  
Rokugatsu I...don't get it? :D  
sabitova The single I can say. We can see hot public reaction here. Nobody is unconcern! It's 721 votes for a while!  
SERGO82 Gitler - kaput!!!  
sabitova @erbse, could you explain for me (and for other imbitsils) what about this banner and how link above interconnected with...  
franch no entiendo la broma. Alguien la puede explicar?  
Wielki Gmach 1/5 from Poland  
cann Qrcze dałem 1, dopiero po chwili dojrzałem "Breslau Airport" i teraz dałbym piątkę - co najmniej :)  
erbse Pepeu: This thread is not about humor or offense, it's about help. Take off your petty glasses and recognize the Mother Theresa of SSC!  
pepeu1 South Park was right, Germans don't have sense of humor at all  
Talisker Pure hilarity. 5/5 Love from England  
Markhoz 1/5 Se supone que eso es gracioso?La que están liando con Europa y aún encima se nos ríen en la cara!  
Bauer-Ewald Der Aufreger des Jahres in einer sonst so langweiligen SSC Welt.  
Vixtor Los alemanes y su sentido del humor... -.- Hahahaha! I don´t understand the german sense of humor. lol -.-  
aftermath99 horrible would be a compliment  
soren5en Breslau Airport? 5/5 for design :D  
omnipotent Matti90. Wovon redest du? OE. ist ein provinz in D. :)  
ArchitectureSerbian 1/5  
Vrooms 1/5  
n3w.mod3l 5/5 :D  
flapane Where's the humour in this banner?  
Reina Pepiada Most of venezuelan banners are boring so I guess we should call the germans lol  
joq_kain 1/5 . Germans and their sense of humor...  
matti90 Über Österreich lacht die Sonne, über D. die ganze Welt 1/5  
delfin7 You are taking me over!  
Tymboo 1/5 from Breslau...  
butel rotfl ! 5/5  
Slartibartfas 4/5 stars for exceedingly bad taste, a classic DWF poster indeed  
delfin7 Guys, you really have shoked all of SSC users!  
Reina Pepiada 5/5 ugly banner funny ppl as always  
el_DTH but... it doesn't make any sense...  
Reina Pepiada lol You guys rule  
janex_wwa very ugly, anti-polish banner, I feel so much outraged :( 5/5  
Din Sevenn There is no city like Breslau. There is Wrocław.  
Labi206 W.T.F.??? (1)  
krajan 1/5  
TrueBulgarian 5/5  
antyqjon bad taste  
Thanial wow I thought this was an advert! 1/5  
apaloh wtf????! 0/5  
derzberb boring 0/5  
bulawro null  
Kame awesome banner! 1/5  
Osmoza On the other hand, I cannot also see turkish "minority" in the pic. This banner is DEFINETLY not german.  
pmaciej7 5/5  
Caius the Shadow Why must we call the Germans? I gave this 1/5  
Osmoza Germans and no uncle Adolf? They are not germans!  
hoody Please don't call ze Germans.  
Ingwaeone No Odo no stars  
jome_omt WTF?!?  
ja.centy [1/5] I want 'die Krake' !!!  
Blue sun This is negative 1/5  
INFLAMES only 1 for bithces  
Widur I cant't get it  
corvus_edin 1 punkt - nach so vielen grandiosen banners DAS nun????  
mamelux 1 star  
Rise To The Top 5/5. pure awesomeness  
zajf that Germans sense of humor - WTF?  
Ji-Ja-Jot already by now more comments, more flame and more votes than the banner before in total time. Mission complete.  
Prew nein  
And1 5 Sterne for the the monkey in ze Tracht!  
v.o.r.t.e.x lol  
Ronald W. Reagan Are you retarted  
Bachy Soletanche Both boring and trying too hard, like an old man trying to relive his youth.  
Grvl wth  
juanpa.296 lo peor que le a pasado a Alemania desde hitler.... 1/5  
Hardgainer ЧЗХ?  
kozorog 1/5 WTF? from the sunny side of the Alps  
Eestimees very funny!  
Zaphod123 Ale o sssso chozzzi???  
MysticMcGoo LOL  
Euromax D' FAQ  
prisma 1/5. Or better say...take it off!!!!  
vegorv 1  
PIA777 im confused, 1/5  
Isek WTF? Where is the pride? 5/5  
Tillor87 jaja, este bánner es toda una tradición al igual que mi tradición de poner 1/5 cada vez que lo veo.  
semarangcitizen seriously I don't understand the jokes. why jan has permitted a banner like this one? :/  
Nuwan Malala 1/5  
CHI3 I gave 1 and I gave way too much and is not that I don´t understand the joke, this is just stupid.  
egypt69 LOL what  
DarkLite flop 15  
JeanValJean -5/5  
rudital what the f***  
[email protected] 1/5  
Euplio Ehm... what?  
chennaidesi what the heck  
Jahir I thought it was a viral publicity no an Skyscrapercity banner!!  
r4d1ty4 "Call the Germans" - I did  
Mariscalito 0/5  
ikeamen shit  
sandy_936 not again  
miltao 1/5  
Miguel S Why are germans allowed to push their humor that nobody else gets on the banner?  
Bad_Hafen zu kompliziert zum verstehen. Ein einser aus Srpska :)  
soteropolis25 Wroclaw during 2 World War being attacked by an aerial bombardment of pterodactyl? I lost my senses.  
FloripaNation Pterodactyl = aerial bombardment?? omg!  
SpicyMcHaggis i swear to god.. every single year there are new people who are crying about it being "bad".. get over it :D in the spirit of that.. 1/5.. no skycrapers!!!! omg!! omg!! wtf!! (etc.)  
Makonza Its this a joke?  
soteropolis25 This is a banner about a joke to Wroclaw Airport while a man is held by slaves beside a monkey and a cat that are in a party with a strange creature and a pterodactyl and being watched by two white boys laughing while call the Germans ?  
clarionl repugnant  
QuantumX Has the website been hacked?  
viniciuspvh ????????????  
hayes88 Ze Germans, you just gotta love'em.  
soteropolis25 WTF?  
FloripaNation Four black slaves carrying a white european male??  
Leonardo M. Gaz 0/5 from Brazil  
la bestia kuit jajaja genios!  
Bluetof que isso =/  
White Bear 1/5  
Izumy wtf?  
FloripaNation Ridiculous  
Iluminat 4/5 could be geiler ;_;  
LubiePiwo Great sense of humour :D 5/5  
elto 55  
DigoSoteropolitano -10/5 :)  
omnipotent Ze germans strike agein! 5/5 :P  
hif ofensive.  
Harisson 1/5  
danieloc what the hell? I just lol'd...  
Strangeman 1/5  
L.Q.T ???  
Tchokan 5/5 from portugal  
Xtreminal 1/5 from Azerbaijan/UK  
keokiracer Immature highschoolers on the right lol Still 1/5 though  
Deo Pathetic...  
thekonil ugly banner, sorry 1/5  
jumping_jack there were better german banners in the past years but i give 5/5 for the airport  
@ripperius ROFL  
_Mort_ [link]  
Braillard Just rude.  
Wernyhora I'm schocking !! :O  
entreact333 good one LOL 5/5  
Метрополис not funny as usual...  
Niebuszewiak Grüße aus Szczecin 3/5  
Owl. 1/5. Not a fan.  
disciple9 no Odoaker world brig record => 1/5  
LukaszWizla 5/5 from Poland  
Erran No skyscraper and ugly photoshoped banner (if you call that thing "banner"). LOL 1/5  
LukaszWizla I love it :)  
thefernandoreza WTH!  
Avemano Nazi trolls hacking SSC ? Ugly.  
Balansiyí supergeil banner. Grüsse aus Valencia.  
ArtZ 1/5 from Poland  
andreass Grüße aus Wroclaw 4/5  
neigeternel Are you guys on drugs or what?  
LanceDriver Best banner ever! This is like tops and stuff. I like homosexual stuff. Thanks for causing me spirts. Cheers.  
garym what are you sinking about?  
FredPerry no skyscrapers 1/5  
mtsbjm1 OMG, Breslau Airport ! | 5/5 good :okay:  
rene1234 LOL , 5/5 for the sense of humour  
bloniaq_s8 better than last year :D  
Wesoły Romek super! GUTTTTTTTT  
Kanto 5/5 Cool :-D  
Voorish-Gdansk Breslau Airport, brilliant 55  
Melchior Goldast 5/5 Crazy Jerries xDDD  
Singidunum Lol at Breslau Airport  
k% jest HIT ! :D  
Himmelwärts i hate those germans 1/5  
Yen Jcc As usual, a crazy banner :D 5/5  
igor 1  
Night Fury Es tut mir Leid, doch ich muss leider gestehen. Es gibt Dinge auf der Welt die sind... leider geil. 5/5  
Sheridan Ugly BS.  
ChagallTM Ugly banner.  
Edil Arda Is it a commercial???  
Кaктус wtf?  
dars-dm Boring banner  
dars-dm what the?  
theAlone lol 5  
Namewee 5/5  
v-sun las ketok 3/5  
Resa99 5/5 OMG!